Pathway to Canada – Part 4

Are you aware you can immigrate to Canada through work-related means? A work visa is issued to eligible individuals to work in that country for a specific period of time and generally, you can apply for a work visa after getting a job or an offer of employment from a Canadian employer, however, there are exceptions to this as it would depend on the type of work permit you are applying for. There are different types of work permit which include:
Open work permit – An open work permit does not require a job offer in Canada and does not require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). An example of this is a Post-Graduate work permit or a Spousal open work permit.
Employer-specific work permit – This is a type of work permit which requires a job offer and most of the time, and an LMIA is not required. An example of this is an Intra-company transferee’s work permit, Investor’s work permit, and work permits issued under the International Trade Programs.
Occupation-restricted work permit – This is a type of work permit that requires a foreign worker to work for different employers but only in that occupation until you have obtained your Permanent Residency. An example of this is Caregiver’s work permit – which is a Caregiver applying under the Home Childcare program or Home Support worker program Closed work permit – A closed work permit is issued to a foreign worker to work in that specific position, for that specific employer and most of the time requires an LMIA.
Having said this, working in Canada for a year in an NOC O, A, or B class, makes you eligible(barring all other requirements) to apply for Permanent Residency under the Canadian Experienced Class (CEC), which is another way to immigrate to Canada. Getting a job in Canada has proven difficult over time but is not impossible. You can consider starting a search on job sites like job bank,,,,, and cold calling some employers who may require foreign workers.
Please note that we do not engage in recruitment or issuance of job offers, but we assist our clients who have job offers, to secure a work visa.
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